If you're a grandparent alienated from a preschool-aged grandchild...

...I have an online program that just might help you end it.

A private and practical pathway you can follow.

It's how I did it

I'm a grandma...

…and no one has to explain alienation to me. I was alienated – through divorce – from a preschooler grandchild too.

I’m also a career early childhood professional (retired) so I have a long background in connecting with preschoolers while accepting (and cooperating) with their parents. 

Early childhood staff interact with every type of parent – every day – but our focus is always on the child. My training and experience helped me look beyond the parents in my own alienation and put my grandchild at the centre.

And it worked.

I also figured out...

…alienation doesn’t just stop.

It doesn’t end with a bang and… go away. That’s unrealistic. I lowered my aim and focused instead on just edging forward from where I was.

I chose small steps – and that worked too.

Those became my two core principles...

• focus on my grandchild
• be patient and seek small gains

And that's what my online program helps you to do too.